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Deedo back on the road again

Deedo back on the road again

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Deedo has returned. Convicted Jamaican drug lord who spent nine years in a Florida penal facility has been released.

Norris “Deedo” Nemhard after fighting his extradition for four years, was extradited in 2008.

Under the US Foreign Narcotics Kingpin Designation Act, Nembhard along with Montego Bay businessman Leebert Ramcharan were designated 'Drug Kingpins'.

Four other Jamaicans - Robroy 'Spy' Williams, Glenford Williams, Vivian Dalley and Herbert Henry, a former police corporal were also extradited with him.

Their cases drew national attention, based on the allegations made by  US prosecutors that they were major participants in the international drug trade between Jamaica and Colombia.

Nembhard pled guilty upon reaching the United States and was initially sentenced to 13 years but that sentence was reduced to nine years.

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