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Written by October 11 2017 0
A 'mad man' attacked officers in the reception area at Greater Portmore Police station, more popularly known as 100 Man station, and was summarily shot by officers on duty. 
Written by October 05 2017 0
Two brothers, Junior Russell, 23, and Romario Russell, 26, were killed when gunmen entered their home and opened fire on Tuesday morning. 
Written by October 05 2017 0
A businessman and his wife were killed in Clarendon yesterday evening.
Written by October 02 2017 0
Jamaicans in civil society wants the Children's Advocate and the police to investigate an incident in which a woman, reportedly a resident of Bath in St. Thomas used a cutlass to beat her teenage daughter in a video which is circulating widely via social media. 
Written by September 29 2017 0
Norwood is again the scene for another round of angry street theatre that has left a 7 year-old schoolgirl battling for life.  A father, who was accompanying his seven-year-old daughter to school, was one of two people shot dead by rampaging gunmen in the tough Norwood community of St James this morning.
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