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  Dancehall artiste Ikon da Link has been arrested on an assault charge against a woman. He is set to appear in court on September 18th.   

  A female soup vendor stabbed another woman to death after discovering having sex with her man in her house. The soup vendor was charged with murder while the man was charged with aiding and abetting. They will face the charges in the Spanish Town RM court soon. 

Gully Bop's fiancee Shauna Chin apparently cannot return to the United States. Gully Bop made an impassioned appeal to Obama to allow his fiancee back into the country. Her real name is Laniece Shauna Anderson, and she was arrested and charged with marijuana possession in a quantity between 5 and 50 pounds in the state of Texas in 2013.

  What's the real reason taht Gully Bop doesn't have any money? COuld it be that is because him buy a car, and it start give trouble, and instead of buying a new part fi it, him park it up and ah use rental. Sometimes, him all rent two car fi the week, the rental bill come to bout 200,000 or more fi the month. How him fi have money when him a rent car and a sleep inna hotel so much? Wah him feel like?  

Tony Matterhorn disses Nuffy and Gully Bop

Monday, 10 August 2015 23:05 Written by
What a way Matterhorn style Nuffy and Gully Bop during his Dream Weekend clash.  "After mi guh Canada and tek a picture with two gyal dem ..... a talk bout mi tek picture with drags. That simply mean sey unno have b..... eyes. Unno guh chuck through unno m..... Yu see as Nuffy and Gully Bop call up mi name crosses reach dem, a wi kill enuh," he said and played Buju Banton's Boom Bye Bye to roaring approval.

How dem so called big artiste ya ah deal wid dem pickney so? Him did think say nobody nah fi know....but the whole world know say Gully Bop  buy his daughter ice cream because the babymother pauperised since she move outta the home she share wid him. More time, the child support money reach late. That is why the babymother ah carry him go court on August 10th fi sort out the ting. Yu caan a buy Benz and dem ting de, and yu a big artiste ah travel the world, and yu daughter caan hear from yu, and caan get her money on time.   

  What a way Gully Bop and Heavy D big time, the money a share up 25/50. Who ah get the other 25? Yow mi Na lie look hw ppl so wicked eeeeeeeeee yo true Chin a do all the hard work in the background Dem Na knw wht a gwaan Inna di out come wht you put in is wht you get out member dat Dem can't flop bop No time No Day Chin & Bop can't flop ya maddddddddddddddddd di whole world say bop bop bop !!!!!

A mother who decided the way to reprimand her 16 and 9 year old children by heating a spoon and burning them was remanded when she appeared in the Spanish Town RM Court yesterday.

Can Skip Marley replicate the Marley success?

Monday, 03 August 2015 10:09 Written by
EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD singer Skip is the latest member of the Marley clan to ply his trade in the music arena.

Bounty Killer buns out the gay lobby on youtube. Check it out:  

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May 04 2015 0

Nomadz' 'Nuh Guh De' launch was great @one876

Great launch by @nomaddzja saturday night the launch was dubbed "nuh guh deh". A great concept designed for informorming the youths of sex ,child molestation…

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