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A security guard  was granted bail when he appeared in the Spanish town Resident Magistrates' court recently on charges of having sexual relations with a person under age sixteen.  

A man who pleaded guilty to illegal possession of ammunition was given a non-custodial sentence when he appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates' court earlier this week.  

Dancehall artiste Moshan is once again generating controversy with his new single, 'Social Media', on the Crown Eagle Productions label.   

The dead babies scandal is mushrooming out of control. Health Minister Horace Dalley has instructed the management of the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee hospitals and the South East Regional Health Authority to halt all action being taken to bury the bodies of babies that have been in the morgue, some since January this year.

An accused arsonist was granted bail when he appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates' court recently.   

Three police officers walked away free of charges under the Corruption Prevention Act when they appeared before RM Jacqueline Wilcott recently in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates' court.  

The case against Nordia Harris, a mother charged in the wrongful death of her infant daughter, was again mentioned in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates Court this week and a successful bail application was granted.  

When the Valentine brothers appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate Court recently charged with arson, one was successful in his bail application while the other was remanded.  

The Richards brothers appeared in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrates Court recently on charges of being a part of a gang, extortion and wounding with intent.   It is alleged that Donovan and Jermaine Richards would solicit cash or kind from sellers in the Spanish Town bus park.   On August 17, 2015, they approached Paul Madden and received phone cards instead of cash. However, later that day the brothers demanded another card and when their needs were not met, an argument ensued and Donovan is alleged to use a machete to chop Paul on his left shoulder where he received 40 stitches.   The Crown also outlined that the brother's father also was an extortor in the park and retired and passed down the trade to them.   Jermaine, who was previously granted bail, had his extended while Donovan was remanded.   Their case will again be mentioned on January 26, 2016.

A police officer and two civilians were shot and injured tonight in a drive-by shooting in Clarendon.  

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