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Assassin's 'Drink and Merry' blows up this Summer Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Saturday, 09 July 2011 03:56 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Assassin's Drink and Merry is one of the ultimate party songs this Summer.

Well hear mi now
Wi a hold a vibe wi drinking wi merry
But drink responsibly
Rumblood call di waitress

Suh get bottle a sumn'
Get a Glass a sumn'
Get a crate a sumn'
Yow get a flask a sumn'
Get A soda get a beer
Get a water sumn'
Get a gallon get a point
Get a quart a sumn'
Woi yuh nahfi guh hard
Yuh can start a sumn'
Yuh done the rum and nah nuh chaser
Now yuh short a sumn'
Wait mek mi tell yuh bout real flosser sumn'
Flippa Mafia order one cart a sumn'


Suh wi a drink wi a drink wi a drink and merry
Flossin' ace a spade and don peri
Drink wi a drink wi a drink and merry
Wi mix di apple vodka wi di cranberry
Wi a drink wi a drink wi a drink and merry
White wine red wine a bottle a sherry
Drink wi a drink wi a drink and merry
Wi table nuh look ordinary

Verse 2:
When wi a drink, more time wi start off basic
Start wid a 1 bokkle n sometin fi chase it
One bokkle done n all three case replace it
Dash weh a bokkle a nuh waste wi a waste it
A fi wi bredrin dem weh pass n gone
Suh inna no time a whole carton gone
Raise yuh drink weh yuh have inna yuh hand
Now come on everyone and carry on

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