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Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Sunday, 27 February 2011 07:27 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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People, mi no too long wake up. What a ataclapse gwaan last night wid Follow Di Arrow, the ting sell off, Ennis yu rich, but some assholes plan and mash up yu show. Mi feel say is a plan ting the people dem come wid fi bottle Killer because the man never did a gwaan hard pon Kartel yet, all him say was "how dem have me and Kartel pon the same show?" and dem send some bottle up de and the bands tek weh demself same time, and Killer come back and play tough and a next hail of bottle greet him up de, mi swear say mi see a one Street Vybz bottle chinks offa him jawbone, and a quart bottle lick him inna him side, and him finally run offa the stage again. Then mi hear from the shout say Vado ah go work, but then, mi see Kartel bands ah set up and then the Dancehall Hero run on fi save the day and get the shock of his life when Killer fans decide say it caan go so, and send on some Heineken and Magnum bottle pon the stage in front of Kartel, the hero cut when him almost get a Coke Zero. Ah pure hell bruk loose afta that, gunshot, chaos, people ah run fi dem life, DJ Sunshine scared, a bagga tings gwaan, Ennis angry, media get jiggy, hot gal lose dem LV purse, expensive spike heel bruk, people drop and chip up, the whole ting just a move inna tizzy. One thing mi affi say is that Killer ah the REAL DANCEHALL HERO, because all when the bottle dem a fling and the bands cut, the man still up de, and him have the heart fi go back pon the stage and mek the bottle dem lick him before him get the message, dem man de fearless, memba mi tell yu, Killer, mi have a new respect fi yu, I swear.
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