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Bounty's new "secret" girlfriend Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 16 November 2010 04:53 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Which artiste ah mad inna the business? Dem ting nah happen and dem caan find a hit song and dem woman ah dem yard ah gi dem some wicked bun. Mi caan feel sorry fi dem. And all dem dutty gyal wid dem "microwave mouth" who ah walk and a try tek weh people man. Yu have a dutty gyal who work inna one bank ah HWT who ah tek mi friend man and a post up picture and a gwaan wid a bagga tings pon Facebook. Mi waan loosen the lug nuts dem pon her vehicle mek she run off the hill ah come from her yard, dutty pussyhole. Yu days dem numbered. MICROWAVE MOUTH!!!

It look like Chris Gayle can put in a next elevator inna him house pon the hill? The man just
claat 333 against Sri Lanka, the office crazy right now, everybody a watch cricket. BOUNTY'S NEW BROWNING
Who the new girl that Bounty have inna the apartment uptown? Him ah keep da one ya pon the down low, no party, no dancehall. Is the Killer ready to settle down? Him ah employ a new strategy wid da one ya, him no waan the dutty living anymore, him want a nice girl who no inna the dancehall and mi wish him the best, him deserve happiness.

Where is Amanda? Mi caaan see her no place, it look like she 8-7-6 fi true! A next young Kartel pon the way. HEH HEH!!!!!

What a way Rasta Bogle find a big song with Money We Want!

ImageWho da new girl de inna Shawn Storm life? The one who mi see pon the TV show pon TVJ.
How Usain Bolt so hype? Him a test drive Ferrari now inna Italy. The man ting amp up!!!

Why Bounty Killer and Elephant Man dem no put no song pon Beenie Man riddim?

10. RAS BOGLE - MONEY WE WANT by millsydon
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