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Foota Hype joins forces with Corey Todd for 'WACKIE FRIDAYS' Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Wednesday, 31 August 2011 05:57 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Alliance-affiliated selector Foota Hype has joined forces with American businessman Corey Todd to kick off an event dubbed ‘Wacky Fridays’ in Club Riddim beginning September 2.


“It will be a special dancer’s edition themed event where all dancers are welcome more than any other party around town because they are guaranteed to get more justice,” an excited Foota Hype told one876entertainment.com

“At other dances, selectors cuss dancers but we’re gonna have segments where we play dancing tunes so that the dancers,  male and female, can full-joy themselves.”

Foota Hype said that a percentage of the profits generated at the gate will go towards a fund set up to assist Mother May, Bogle’s mother, and to help defray the costs of medical bills for Mundo, a dancer affiliated to the Ravers Clavers dance group from Mountain View.

Foota Hype was once a prominent figure in the rise of dancehall artiste Mavado and at the height of the Gully-Gaza figure was often at loggerheads with Corey Todd, who was at that time, affiliated to the Gaza movement. So this ‘unholy alliance’ is a bit strange in the eyes of dancehall insiders.

Nevertheless, Foota Hype says that this is strictly a business move.

“I am willing to work with Corey (Todd) because he is dealing with business. Him have the club, I have the streets, he needs the streets and I need a club, so we ah create a bridge where we can generate revenue together and uplift dancehall. We ah deal wid business, not about hype or category, this is a business move,” Foota Hype reasoned.

For his part, Corey Todd mirrored Foota Hype’s  stance on this new partnership.

“I chose Foota to do this venture with because he is the street. He is one of the hottest selectors and he has been so for quite a long time. He is unbiased in how he plays music and he knows his craft well. Foota is not a boatie, once him say you, him say you, and he’s straightforward in how he expresses himself, if he doesn’t like something, he is not afraid to say it. I welcome his honesty,” Todd said in a statement.

“I am about business, he is about business and I just want to return Club Riddim to its roots and make it the official club of dancehall and Foota Hype is a natural fit for those plans.”

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