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Fyakin Blazes Coke/RE TV school tour Featured

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The Claro-sponsored Coke/RETV School Tour kicked off on March 1 at the Norman Manley High School in Kingston, with huge support from the students and the school's staff. The stage was set, artistes ready and the students were eager for what promised to be a fun-filled afternoon.


Under the themes 'Abstinence Mek Sense' and 'It's never too late to pull up', the students were reminded by artistes such as Munga Honourable, DJ Nicholas, Shawn Storm and Wasp during their performances, that they can abstain.

Latoy Williams, Claro's media manager said, "We have an interest in encouraging young people to abstain, and this is an all important message that encompasses the mental, emotional and physical well-being of our youth. We believe that young people should become more involved in school and community activities, giving them the opportunity to become distracted with positive influences."

During the show, students were called upon to enter a Claro Jingle Competition, and young Ryan Lee, took away a Clarorific gift bag for his innovation in creating a song on the spot.

Kerry Moxam, Claro's public relations officer, presented him with his prize and shared, "Mr Lee put on a good show, he's very talented!'

When asked how she felt about the response of the students to the message of the Coke/RETV School Tour, Moxam said, 'The students of Norman Manley High School seem to be very receptive to the message. I hope that they really listen to the artistes and all stakeholders, and embrace this very important value."

The school tour's next stop is Marcus Garvey High School.

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