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Is Bounty Killer obsessed with D'Angel after 7 long years passed? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 27 September 2011 02:25 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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What a way D'Angel have the Warlord head after so much years? Ah bout 6 to 7 years, she no exchange no words wid Killer but him still ah put her name inna song. Memba she and him did lef several months before Beenie move in and she ah talk to Beenie five years now, so how him still ah carry a flame fi her all this time? It come in like him all involved inna the divorce too the way him ah tweet and a celebrate and a gwaan wid a bagga tings. Him ever a style the girl all when everybody else move on, is almost like him just waan Angel notice say him alive. It hurt me fi the Warlord, this Angel ting mek mi lose ratings fi yu, she look good, but why yu so obsessed wid her? All when yu a 50, ah so yu a go behave????


Wonder how him feel fi know say Angel lef Beenie and she still nah go EVER talk to him? She prefer Moses over him and ah dat bun him, dem still a talk and have a good relationship but Killer caan call her phone much less call to her pon the phone. How Bounty Killer come in pon the divorce? Which door him walk through? Him need fi stop call up the girl name bout she ah fuck pon Beenie like dawg.

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