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Kartel wants $5 million for Reggae Sumfest DAncehall night? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA AH PREE THE TING Tuesday, 19 July 2011 05:18 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Yo, it stink inna the streets say Kartel wanta bagga money fi do Dancehall Night pon Reggae Sumfest this year. The man want $5 million and all now no contract no sign or nothing yet. Him nah ramp wid dem this year, him want him money, that woulda work out to 'bout US$60,000, and him a top artiste, so him want it, but mi nuh know how that a go work out between Sumfest and him this year, it look like it nah go resolve until the day before the big show. Mi feel say Kartel worth it still because if dem a pay the foreign people dem big money, dem affi pay top dolla to the local artiste dem, but it ticklish because Kartel NEED da Sumfest show ya fi help him career, because the firm grip him have over the business ah loosen, him lose him rum to Beenie Man, him recent video dem lame, and him song dem nah buss the place like one time, the Gaza ah crumble and him ah feel the pressure. It is very interesting, that's all mi can say.


Who will blink first? Kartel or SUMFEST? Like Lisa Hype say, IT STICKY PON DEM!!!!

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