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Keiva, wah do dem GRAZMITE?/WHO IS KARTEL PRAYING TO????????? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Friday, 25 March 2011 00:49 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Yo, people, mi just log on and see some skirmage from groupiemet ah talk up a bagga tings say mi a fraud, wah do dem. My girl, your pussy a FRAUD, the way it BIG, Jamaica Government HAFFI TEK CENSUS PON IT. SUCK YOUR MADDA ONCE AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!People, the ting amp up, British Link Up is back but dem a rename dem ting Easter Jam, and it ah go roll out on April 23rd, a real red carpet affair, my friend ah send my dress from London fi the event because mi plan fi floss and drink up the Henny and the Nuvo, and me, Abena Elizabeth Mercedes Milan (LAST NAME DELETED) haffi de de pon mi eye top fi enjoy miself, it ah go madddddddd. Kartel new tattoo dem a beat dem bad, him have a new one weh de pon him left arm weh ah go hard, the man say him pretty like a colouring book and mi affi agree wid him, him love the bleaching look cause the tattoos dem stand out especially under the light of the nightclub. All mi know the gyal dem love it, one of mi cousins de ya from England and she ah mad over Kartel and him new look. Go figure!

Keiva, mi did warn yu bout dem dregs de yu a hang out wid. Now mi hear say one ah dem open up store right
beside yu, that's why dem spread rumour say dem beat yu up a few weeks ago, ah dem master plan fi get
yu outta the bizness. Dem gal de a backbiter, especially the big one wid the man name, but mi blame yu, yu
go luuuu cause memba one ah the gal dem was yu ex-matey from the Elephant Man days, yu shoulden go par wid dem. Wah happen to yu ole time cullo cullo dem like Spice? Why yu affi go de so? Anyway, hope yu learn yu lesson because if me eva see yu a talk back to dem gal de, yu piss ah go ketch cloud like wah mi granny Bernice used to say, memba ah told yu! Dem gal de worse than dregs, dem a grazmite like wah Bounty Killer would say. WAH DO THE GRAZMITE DEM?????


Mi get an email pon This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. say ah Mo still a lead inna the Gully Gadd life. Dem say
she get BMW, she get apartment over Merrivale weh only 9 other people live inna, and she RICH
and HAPPY. She say Stacious ah play ketchup, but she ah PEPPA, RAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.
How yu mean Mo? Tek it to dem, Dahlia and Gav neva get dem treatment de, wah yu a do to the Gully
Gadd so? But don't rule out Stacious, mi hear say dem see her over the car mart pon Molynes Road the other day ah look pon a BMW too, so Mo, watch yu backkkk.



How Shane O ah do so much fake friend and bad mind song from wah day ya since him and Iceman fall out and him start par wid Macka Diamond. Mi hear a new song name Heart Nuh Clean pon the Golden Rock Records label that the streets ah talk bout. It play seven times over a dance inna Denham Town last weekend, it look like him find back a ting.


Mi see da video ya pon mi Facebook the other day and mi crack up. Two yutes ah do a
little comedy miniseries name Kung Fun Dread that ah go hard inna the streets. Dem have a
classic Cake Soap Episode that just cracked me the fuck up. Check it.



How the price of food ah get so high? Everything gone up, yesterday, mi inna
the checkout line when mi hear the bill in front of me, 273,482.00. Mi almost piss
up miself, and mi see the lady in front of me wheel out her credit card and pay.
Mi feel a way fi the lady because even though she have money, dat de bill never ordinary
and she never waan put nothing back. Mi glad say ah only one pickney mi have, the food
bill dem a get high and it nah get no better because wid all the geopolitical tensions in North Africa and the Middle East, our food importation bill ah only get worse.



ImageCheck out Kartel new tattoos.

Why JC nah mek Top Class Two sprinter, Rohan Walker, compete inna Champs?
Since when dem start tek the ISSA academic requirements dem serious?


What a way KD Knight come inna him orange tie fi question Bruce Golding today? Weh dem a deal wid???

Wah tek Luciano bout him de pon ER ah say only wild dog live inna GULLY, and nothing no grow ah GAZA, "not even shrubs"?

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