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LATEST GAZA NEWS: How Kartel so cold? Where is Lizard's body? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Tuesday, 17 January 2012 00:55 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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When mi read the Observer yesterday, mi blood run cold, how Kartel so cold? The prosecution say him de de ah put on lick pon Lizard fi the missing gun dem too. Pickaxe and block unda him nastiness, and all ah call out to the man weh run say anno him dem really want. If Kartel so smart, how dem have so much evidence against him? Audio evidence of him and a next man ah plot fi kill Lizard, and then video evidence of the beating of the man, who by the way, if he is not dead, would have turned up now to free up him general. Mi feel say dem Lizard body bury over Jamworld, that would be the ultimate joke of a sick mind, the favourite stomping grounds fi the dancehall fraternity, the final resting place fi a Lizard, rotting in the marshes for the random crocodile fi dine pon him body. One thing is certain though, when dem done wid Kartel, the public ah go start pree him different. Memba wid Buju? Everybody did a support him and then when certain things start come out, people start pree him different. Ask yourself, when last yu see nobody inna one Free Buju t-shirt? CHECK OUT THE OBSERVER INFO BELOW


According to the prosecution, Williams was a part of a gang in Waterford, St Catherine that was headed by Kartel.
In August, the prosecution told the court, Williams and another man were entrusted with the care of two guns by Kartel. But when in mid-August the guns were discovered missing, the men were summoned to meet Kartel at his Havendale, St Andrew home to give an account of the guns. Kartel, according to the prosecution, was "angry" about the disappearance of the weapons.
On August 16, Williams and the other man — who is now the prosecution's main witness — were picked up in a taxi, reportedly by entertainer Shawn 'Shawn Storm' Campbell and taken to the Havendale home where Kartel and other men were waiting on him.
While en route to the house, the court was told, Williams started sending text messages to a person, expressing fear that he was going to be killed and urging the receiver of the messages to call the police.
At the home, Williams and the other man were taken into a room where Kartel, Andre St John, and Kahira Jones were waiting. According to the prosecution's case, Williams was beaten to death by the men who were armed with blocks and pickaxe sticks.
After witnessing what went down, the other man who was brought to the premises, dashed from the house in an attempt to save his own life. Kartel, the prosecutor said, called out to him, saying that it was Williams whom they wanted.
During the melee, Kartel was bitten by his own dog and had to seek medical treatment. The prosecution said it was in possession of the hospital bill and record of the treatment.


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