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LATEST KARTEL NEWS: Newsflash! The Media Builds You Up to Tear You Down Featured

Entertainment News Written by  abena Tuesday, 06 March 2012 02:58 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Kartel did tink say him figure out the media. Him boast say Jamaicans a sheep, him mek the media know when Ryno house get firebomb, him orchestrate the beating of Gaza Kim, the exposure of Lisa Hyper, and him send release to the media denying everything and now when the media - which is little more than just a bunch of pit vipers and sharks - turn pon yu, now yu a bawl like a bitch. HAHAHAHAHAHA. DEAD WID BLOODCLAAT LAUGHING. Kartel, yu aint seen nothing yet.
Right now, mi ah wonder why Carolyn ah defend this bloodclaat bwoy, yu carry him go UWI and mek him defend  bleaching, yu go pon TV and talk say nothing wrong wid Teacha's Pet, that's why mi know say God nah sleep. Reality kick in and ah bite him, him used to him freedom and caan get him dick sucked, and him ah talk say the media ah style him, and the police ah style him. One question mi waan ask is: WHERE IS LIZARD? Him de a small island?
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