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LATEST KARTEL NEWS: Will Kartel get the Ninjaman treatment? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  abena Saturday, 01 October 2011 04:27 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Vybz Kartel ah one of the most controversial dancehall characters ever, but will his career mirror that of Ninjaman who he and Singa Blinga infamously beat up on the stage at Sting 2003? Ninjaman has been incarcerated since March 2009 because of his long-delayed murder trial. Numerous applications for bail have been denied by the courts. He is facing charges stemming from a March 2009 incident in which he, his 20 year old son, Janiel and  two other men are alleged to have been involved in the shooting death of 20 year old, Richard Johnson.



Kartel has had serious scrapes with the law before. In 2003, the entertainer, who was a licensed firearm holder, had ammunition in his possession that he could not account for. He was also charged with assault. Newspaper reports at the time said: "Tears welled up at the corners of Vybz Kartel's eyes while he was being processed. Only a single one rolled down his cheek."

He was never convicted of any of the charges and eventually all charges were dismissed. He has been arrested numerous times, most recently, for over a month in the aftermath of the State of Emergency declared before the Tivoli Gardens incursion by the security forces.

However, this case is infinitely more serious and sources believe that he may be charged with conspiracy to commit murder as a man is believed to have been killed at one of his residences and his body dumped.

Attorney Christian Tavares-Finson, who represents the deejay, said his client was informed of his rights and told to co-operate with the police, who are expected to begin questioning him on Monday.

In the meantime, LIME, the company which sponsored the creation of Kartel's reality TV show, Teacha's Pet, said it has had discussions with Creative Source Production, producers of the show, regarding reports of charges being laid against the show's central character. The show was not aired on CVM last night.

"We will continue to monitor the situation and as more information becomes available, if necessary, we will issue a further statement," the company said.

That's why mi tell yu God ah God!!!!! Remember when him diss God and a gwaan like him ah Almighty, now the might have fallen and been abased. God lives, put that in yu pipe and smoke it.

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