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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Friday, 07 March 2014 20:59 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Murder is apparently an expensive undertaking, because the lawyers dem a bathe offa Addi. Mi hear say the lawyers dem fi the defence ah get rich offa Kartel inna di easiest type a way, and it has got me feeling some type a way. The deejay pay out at least US$70,000 so far inna legal fees, and mi hear say the last big payment mek yesterday, a whopping US$15,000 run in fi the legal bill. All mi know say Kartel better have more money fi the appeal because the system mean fi sink him, all the judge look like him out fi soak him.

Today, the judge mek a mistake and tell the jurors say Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams was dead, saying, "The person who is dead is his friend" in reference to the prosecution’s main witness. Campbell earlier in his summation told the jurors that the first thing they needed to decide was if Williams was dead.
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