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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Friday, 11 April 2014 22:58 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Natiesha ‘Likkle Miss’ Newland will never forget the muggy October day of 1994 as she sat in her classroom and penned her first song, I Believe, during a free period after lunch.

“It was like a little moment of magic, I had created something, a living breathing song…it was just a beautiful thing,” she said. That ‘magic moment’ she experienced has turned into a lifelong love affair with music. Little Miss actually recorded the song a few months later for Ras Rodd but the song failed to make it to the mainstream because of a lack of a promotion. Undaunted by this, she has continued to write.
Little Miss grew up in the Heywood Hall district of St. Mary where she attended the Highgate All Age school. After graduating, she came to Kingston where she landed jobs to support herself. She continued to write songs as she grew older and used every opportunity that came her way as a chance to hone her craft. She has entered the Tastee Talent contest twice, the Digicel Rising Stars twice and even the Magnum Kings and Queen contest. This year, she entered the Festival Song contest but failed to make the cut, however, her entry, the big hearted, apple sweet Heroes has been played on Rootz and Mega Jamz radio stations. She has also performed at the Asylum nightclub as part of a group that later disintegrated. But even through all the disappointment, she remains surprisingly optimistic.
“This is what I want to do and I will not stop, I just love to be onstage and making that connection with the audience…it’s amazing,” she said.
Little Miss took her sultry, round-the-way diva sound to the LINKS Records earlier this year and recorded a single with top flight producer Benzly Hype called Gimme Gimme which has been getting rave reviews in the dancehall. She has been campaigning the song -- which combines R rated lyrics with a mellow moving delivery -- at dances all across the Corporate Area, transforming herself into a bold, mercenary ghetto sex bomb.
“The last time I performed was at a dance at Ambrook Lane and mi hear a girl inna the crowd say, ‘Jesus, ah dat she say, mi never expect her fi say that’ and I just laughed.
Little Miss is a whirling dervish of energy, crazy cool sex appeal all topped off with a dollop of in-your-face charisma. Now, she’s ready for her close up. She will be make her debut appearance at the highly anticipated Showdown at the Temple show on October 20th at the H2 nightclub in Portmore. Check her song at http://www.myspace.com/lilmisslinkz Upplagd av Clash kl. 15:06
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