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Lisa Hyper NEWS: Lisa Hyper has gone berserk on twitter, dissing Slim and Tifa Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Monday, 27 August 2012 15:19 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Why is Lisa Hyper all over Twitter broadcasting about Tifa and a beg her fi answer her? She all ah diss Tifa bout her handicap and Lisa de pon bb ah say : "How Tifa fi waan run the place and she cannot even walk? Just asking peeps". Bwoy, mi ave a handicap cousin so mi no find it amusing, somebody caan talk to her and tell her fi just chill out a little. No man, she ah go too hard.   

Last week, she diss up Gaza Slim pon bb when she say : Gaza slim remember say mi mek u trimble like leaf a hype bloodclaat tv ya talk bout u sheba spice an tifa a run place unnu a run roun d bloodclaat place=D u  nuh stop walk an beg phonecard all elvis a complain bout you decompose ole gaza slim a one cocky mi suck pon di gaza but yuh suck all check youtube bitch who have d most hits a who deh a california a dominate hollywood me yuh deh a tavern a scrape gal pot an a wear indu clothes yuh nuh see addi shit nuh stop drop from yuh mouth when ya chat di man dem a waterford nuh kno u duppy dem rate a me ago fly up d gate yuh cannot even write a bloodclaat chourus yuh dnt even kno what a split sheet is gaza kim baddddda dan u by farrr come out a lisa hype shadow lick outbatty slim

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