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Macka Diamond stamps Big Foot and Wicked Heart in the streets @mackadiamond1 @one876 Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Friday, 21 March 2014 19:46 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Dear God thank u for the strength to keep up with these Wicked Heart. Blessed day peeps nuff love to who love me and nuff love to my haters but god a god the streets get bun up wednesday unu no hear how Jazzy j dem shell bigfoot a Weddy Weddy and Ruxie shell it a Magnum wed but the real Bigfoot man Footahype gwan bad a Gallis wed and ask Howie Don bout the rest a place dem it was about 5 dwl

Anyways ladtnite was a Karma and Bigfoot shellings All star got shell wen Dwayne pow drop Karma money pull up like crazy naturally wooi wat a song bad everybody sound man every disc jockey send fah all now me a send email then Jazzy J and Genuis drop Bigfoot no ask me wah gwan ask video face lol and two gran and yardbeat Dem Bembe time my gosh Liquid drop Karma and mek it clear say dah song ya gone all gal let loose Boom Boom shell Bigfoot and wen Foota start play he had no.choice but to play Bigfoot again cah him a di real Bigfoot man woooi hot Teammacka hot Anyways see unu June 6th a Howie Don Earthstrong inna spanish town bless up
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