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MR VEGAS CHALLENGES I OCTANE TO A CLASH ON DANCEHALL NIGHT AT SUMFEST...TUNE FI TUNE...GOURZONG, LINE UP DI MONEY @one876 @bounce876 @mrvegasmusic @CPBoomlove @scottmedic2005 @michieboo101 @whatasinting Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Thursday, 05 June 2014 07:49 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Wearing a black N.W.A T-shirt, Mr. Vegas posted a video on his Facebook page challenging I Octane to a clash during dancehall night at Reggae Sumfest. He chided Octane for his suggestion that he "wanted Mr. Vegas to perform in front of him". "Don't work in front of no man, yu go luuuu, Octane," Mr. Vegas said. "Mek we work one time, ah dancehall night on Sumfest." "Bring it, no media hype, no fake forward...as a matter of fact, just bring yu torchie dem, dem de one side of the venue, ah dem alone can show yu worth, me ah go natural, with God Almighty and the real fans dem." It is sad that this generation of artistes find no shame in arguing about who will close a dancehall show. This sort of back and forth about closing a festival is unheard of, how can a top artiste decline the invitation to do so after he floundered spectacularly last year. This sort of behaviour only lowers the bar for dancehall and make it near-to-impossible for the youths to continue to make the dancehall industry viable because there is no standard to emulate or structure to maintain. It's a free for all and that does not augur well for the viablity of the music.
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