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Murder Well Done/Bagga Brown very ill, needs blood donations Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Thursday, 28 October 2010 16:50 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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People, how the country ah move so? Mi read the Observer this morning and hear say dem find a man body half-burnt inna the oven of the bakery where him work. How the man dem a go so hard? Dem bake the man till the meat start roast and smell like pork, all that was missing was a side order of fries and some veggies. A weh dem get dem people ya from? Big up mi friend Dolli inna the picture above, she have a new song called Tempted to Touch  


Mi haffi say big up to the Killer, the man heart big, we love how him go over stadium and say : "I'm not an angel, but I'm not a devil, either,"; it sound like him finally a grow up. What yu tink people?

Mi hear say Minister Grange ah govern the whole thing wid Gregory body and it supposed to come into the island next week. Condolences again to the family of Gregory Isaacs, sorry about the cokehead remarks but ah just so my ting set. Mi love how the fans dem a support him catalogue though, crazy online sales, the man iTunes charting ah shot and him fly gone to number 2 and 4 with Night Nurse and One Man Against the World respectively in the United States. In the UK, Isaacs is at number 4 and 6 with Hot Stepper and Night Nurse. Across the English Channel in France, the Cool Ruler holds three sports at number 3, 7 and 8 with Night Nurse, The Very Best of Gregory Isaacs Gold and Once Ago. NIGHT NURSE AH SHOTTTTTTT

Why the Blood brothers dem ah go so hard wid this Hammer song? Mine dem OD the ting.

Why dem hate me because mi a fly out again this weekend? Flippa Mafia party mi say!!!!

Who is this new artiste name Dolly weh mi a see all over the place? Who ah shot her ting? Mi hear Gary G and Digital Chris a play up her song dem.

Why nobody nah go give no blood fi Bagga Brown over Medical Associates? The man have cancer and sick out, people show some love. Ah him say "Weh Yu A Say, Smile Jamaica TVJ"

What a way Bounty ah try hard wid Patexx, but him just nah "stick" to the people! That's a bad pun I know, but mi caan help miself. How him name so fool-fool?

How Smokie Benz start par back wid Beenie Man from wah day ya?

Why LA Lewis ah send out email blast say him record company name Rothschild Records? Him nuffi ramp wid dem Illuminati people de, dem ah one ah the most powerful people inna the world, LA nuh know wah him a mess wid.

Who win the lotto ah foreign and the local gunman dem kidnap dem family and ah ask fi ransom?

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