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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Monday, 30 May 2011 07:46 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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It's official. Notnice has called it quits with the Portmore Empire.
Ainsley 'Notnice' Morris has decided to formally cut ties with Vybz Kartel and Adidjaheim Records with whom he shared a wildly successful partership that scored several number one hit singles.

"Me and Teacha alright, we just ah go our separate ways, him ah just Teacha. From February this year, him start put only Adidjaheim on his records, so mi know what that mean. Him diss me for reasons only know to him and mi caan wait sit down and wait fi him call me fi do work. Right now, is May, my girlfriend is six months pregnant and mi have to be a man and tek care of my family," the EME producer of the year, said.

He confirmed rumours that several men had come to his apartment and taken several pieces of furniture and equipment.

"The man dem come ah mi yard and tek weh over $2,000,000 worth of studio equipment, and a neva nuh man buy mi it a mi buy dem miself," he said.

Notnice said that he has only spoken to Kartel a few times since that incident.

"Mi see him since that and him pretend like nothing ever happen, him link mi sometime in april if link up a shocking vibes studio if record a song weh him do if Cashflow name "white liver" him call mi name a the front a the song suh people maybe have it seh everything good, but everything nuh good. Him tell mi seh one thing him know inna life is everyman deserve a second chance suh mi nuh know if a himself him a refer to mi see a number of songs weh mi and him produce together put out pan itunes,even music video a do and him just put Adidjaheim Records," he said. Him get dj a the year so much time suh it look like him a try offa producer a d year , but mi willing to just call it a loss and move on," he said.

The partnership produced classic riddims such as the Remand, Gangster City, Toaster riddim,Duss riddim. He also scored hits such as Dream with Popcaan, Last man Standing with Kartel, Cake Soap, One Man with Gaza Slim,Shawn Storm`s My Life ,Jah Vinci-Watch u friends< the billboard Hit Ramping Shop,England Town for teshana production,Street Vybz Riddim with Cory Todd and one of the very last collaborations, the 'Gimme the Benz Punaany' and Vybz Kartel feat Sheba "u and him deh" on the S Class Riddim.

"It was a great experience working with him, I learned a lot, and I made a lot of hits, but right now, mi just have to keep moving forward," Notnice said.


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