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Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Saturday, 12 November 2011 03:51 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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WHOI!!!!!! ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE???? It was a long time in coming. Stacious rained down blows on Bridgez in the parking lot of HYPE TV last night. Mi linky dem a call mi from last night ah say Bridgez and Stacious dem go up ah HYPE fi premiere the all-female video dem do the other day when mi hear say Bridgez push down Stacious inna the studio itself. Mi friend dem a say tings ah go happen because Stacious neva badda bruk fight same time, but go outside inna the parking lot and a wait in ambush.
Image About 40 minutes later mi get the text say it ah go start and so said, so done, as Bridgez come out, Stacious start rain punches inna her face. Mi know say Bridgez tough but mi never know say she coulda tek so much lick, all when she hold on pon Stacious hair, Stacious nah stop clock her, KUFF KAFF KUFF and  KWEFF too, Stacious beat her like she tief something downtown and a try escape. People, ah long time it fi gwaan, it did well overdue because Bridgez anno one easy gal, ah nuff people did a cheer fi she get da beating de because Bridgez go round and hype pon people and trouble dem all the time, so ah just so it set. The gal dem from rounda Cassava Piece supposed to a dead when dem hear da one ya.
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