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TEAM MACKA DIAMOND REPORT FOR THIS WEEK @mackadiamond1 @one876 Featured

Entertainment News Written by  AKA Friday, 27 June 2014 20:16 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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Team macka News report this week Dem wah see me fall but dat cah happen Me No Sponge Me No Soft Cotton A wha dem hear bout (boom boom voice)

Me say pure gud news that's why me no stop read me bible and pray god love me Anyways me wake up and see the tweets the radio land a shell Bigfoot and Karma big up me love unu

Road burn up Sunday lol

Kiddies Sunday get it first when Fresh X and Ruxie shell Karma no sah u see dah segment deh wey unu drop it trus me it fit in a the juggling no argument no inna dat. U see when dem drop Bigfoot all gal let lose.

Den Lollipop Sundays next dj Cardo and Sheldon drop Karma then Bigfoot dem go hard me nah lie respect Then Have a drink Sundays same shellings u wah see when Gary Chucks drop Karma Wus A Di dub no sah it was a gud look nah lie Then the resident dj Billy Di Kid drop Bigfoot and memba say a pure money pull up cah Mr Earl throw bk was there and a Fi him fav song dat thx Earl.

Den me and craving Astalllama head to his fav breakfast shop lol go fix food then head home Give thx keep supporting Team macka say nuff love and me know unu know me work hard sodo the maths God ago bless unu follow mackadiamond1 to see clips.

Big up Sunny spoon the ppl dem a ask Fi the videos Fi Macka and Don I tune Laaard dah bc yah long sah but me cah help it and do remember Howie Don earthstrong this week June 6th bless
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