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Entertainment News Written by  AKA Wednesday, 24 April 2013 12:10 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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SONG LYRICS--WRITTEN BY STEPHON MOULTON--- Song title 1st king rebellion intro- give thanks and praises to emperor HAILE selasie i YAH rasta fari a what happen to some bwoy man a fire mi come fi bun eno – chorus mi nuh business with who want vex when rasta man a chant rastaman a speak the truth to bongo grass cart two don mustn’t hug up, swim sleep nor bath rasta man a speak the truth to bongo grass cart mi nuh care if me nuh get no visa airport gate mi cant pass rasta still a speak the truth to bongo grass cart unity is strength truth and right must,nt path amnesty the biggest scam to plate cloth
1stverse/ dem a mad now to bongo government fi govern people nuffy rob dem to bongo tell the police fit the crime and left the cab dem to bongo the poor poverty a mad them to bongo you nuh see the system a kill them to bongo lower the tax the water light bill them to bongo man cant take care at them children to bongo and artiste a talk bout them a badman to bongo out of image why you choose rodman to bongo a matter a fact go give back bugle him gyal now to bongo what it make mi bun out dutty life then to bongo shane brown shouldnt touch busy gyal then to bongo then busy shouldnt bread lexus wife then to bongo da one dey go get frock taim now to bongo chest a burn him what him coulda nyam so lame then tobongo da fire YAH a fi tarus riley straight now to bongo him say 40 fi 33 him no do mi dubplate tobongo and make me pay mi pickney school fee late to bongo and a talk bout them a rasta rasta mi bongo mi shoulda know a one mad yute to bongo down a rebel salute a show swag boot to bongo sizzla capelton mi have to honor now to bongo rise every rasta man banner now to bongo mi a speak the truth weh dem a go fi gun go dis marcus garvey a judgement to bongo dis emanuel bwoy a judgement to bongo dis mother earth a judgement to bongo dis king sellassi i a judgement to bongo roarrrrrrrrr rpt chorus 2nd/verse burn babylon to bongo if portia nah move right tell her to bongo if the governor general nah move right tell him to.bongo If the queen nah move right tell her to bongo if US nah move right tell them to bongo is korean want fight tell them to bongo the whole world fi unite tell them to bongo can’t turn everyday inna night tell them to bongo scientis cant find back light tell them to bongo worst marcus start grow him locks now to bongo lock down computers lop tpp to bongo the holy spirit them start rome now to bongo kick out signal out of every cell phones to bongo one one visit the pagans homes now to bongo hatta hatta fyah drop inna rome now to bongo roarrrrrrrrrr 3rd/verse bun fassy now to bongo stop give the womman them extasy glass now to bongo if thats not physical that a mind rape to bongo up in a the club a round nine rape to bongo woman me say dont take no blind date to bongo dont take no facebook no tag date to bongo dont take no twitter nor no hi5 to bongo you no see how much young girl missing now to bongo rasta a warn you better listen now to bongo seet dey now them find joan head now to bong find all the hand and cant find the foot to bongo mother all gone a obea man man now to bongo roarrrrrrrrr SEE THE MAWWWDEST BUMBO CLAAAT DANCE HALL RIDDIM AND SONG YAH INA JAMAICA NOW!!!! MI DID TELL UNUH BOUT OUR ARTISTE ENO FYAAAH A BUN TARUS RILEY GET CAUGHT UP INNA DI FIRE TOO MAWWDDD MI ARTISTE FYAAAH PON BABYLON 1ST KING NAH PLAY EVERYTHING A GET BUN
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