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Why a $34 blouse???? Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Thursday, 24 February 2011 14:56 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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  Mi have the taxi pum pum shi have because when man come in deh them affi squeeze up because it tight like a mosquito coffin (dwbcl). People, everybody ah talk bout Latoya Spence case more than the Buju case and mi no see the reason why...shoplifting anno nothing new a foreign. Mi have some cousin inna New York and dem used to tief clothes hard, mi memba when mi go Neiman Marcus six years ago, dem woulda pop off the buzzer dem inna the fitting room and wear the clothes dem out. When yu go inna dem closet, the whole ah dem clothes have buzzer hole inna dem, but dem clothes expensive, 500US jeans and dem tings de, crazy name brand. Mi no too sure about the excuse weh she say the blouse drop inna her bag because when mi go the white people dem country, mi always extra careful because mi no waan the alarm go off and no embarassment ting wid the buzzer pon the clothes and mi know dem eva ah try style black people. Mi surprised that she could have made such a careless move but maybe, as her friend say, ah the cashier mek the mistake. The only thing mi disappointed in is that she never go after a more expensive blouse, come on, a US$34 blouse from JC Penny, at least a Gucci or LV, Latty, a wah dat?  
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