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Yendi confirms! Abena told you so! CHINO DWEET AGAIN!!!! Featured

Entertainment News Written by  ABENA Monday, 23 April 2012 02:48 font size decrease font size increase font size 0
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See it de, Yendi confirm say she ah breed fi Chino now, 17 weeks and counting, and the news jerk up nuff people. Mi just come offa the phone wid mi girlfriend and mi just haffi dark up because she ah say , how Asafa mek Yendi escape her and a bagga tings? Mi just tell her say right now, Asafa Powell dem a keep one party fi celebrate because Asafa dodge da bullet de, yu neva see Yendi ah pose up inna the Observer inna her carnival costume inna Trinidad? Is about dem time de, she did just start breed fi Chino, and a gwaan wid a bagga tings the other day again inna Jamaica Carnival. Asafa family nuh waan dem tings de inna the family, and worse, she go show her true colours, and go buss a breed fi a deejay bwoy, that just shows yu weh her ting de. Right now, dem a celebrate, yu see dat?
17 weeks and counting...I wish we could have shared it earlier but you know they say it's bad luck to announce too soon. I'm so excited to finally tell you that we have a little 'McGregor' on the way! You know how much I value "you" as you've been such a support through my various ventures so I wanted you to know first-hand as this one is perhaps my most exciting to date! I feel truly blessed and am more amazed everyday to experience our creator in such a miraculous and organic way. Seasoned mommy's, don't hold back on the advice...hehe *wink* Love, Blessings...and Life :)"
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