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DJ Reggae Queen did not take home this year's Magnum Kings and Queens contest as expected last night, surprising her legion of fans who had come to the venue to witness her take the crown.

Popcaan performed in Trinidad

Sunday, 16 May 2010 07:10 Written by
DJ Popcaan performed in the twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago over the weekend, rocking a weekend show in the capital city.

Lisa Hype does two-gig stint in Canada

Sunday, 16 May 2010 07:07 Written by
EME Best New Female deejay of the year Lisa Hyper is now in Canada completing a two-gig stint in the cities of Toronto and Canada.


Friday, 06 March 2009 11:19 Written by
After his comprehensive dismantling of rival deejay Ninjaman, Merciless a.k.a Warhead has set his sights firmly on deejay Mad Cobra as his next victim. “Right now, after mi retire Ninjaman, mi waan tek on ‘Pad Cobra’….anywhere mi buck him, ah war, lyrically,” Merciless declared.

CéCile’s ‘Waiting’ was worth

Thursday, 05 March 2009 03:24 Written by
Save the hour I spent salivating over the CD cover photo of ‘Bad Gal’ CéCile for her best album to date ‘Waiting’, a photo that depicts her amazingly sexy, polished image, I did get to listen the album…and I loved it.     Dubbed with her bold funky ghetto love, ‘Waiting’ as title track, is the right tag owing to the popularity of the single last year. The single was all in your face and still triggers the missed rub-a-dubness of the 80s dancehall.

It seems that nothing is able to stop Vybz Kartel’s & Spice’s Romping Shop as they continue hold onto the #1 spot on the chart. The track is spending its second week in this position. Hype TV Awards top awards winner Kartel, may have a lot to do with the single keeping its position. Award winning gospel artiste Prodigal Son with Head Cyaan Hot So held onto the Shot To Watch title for another week. The single also grips the #2 spot for yet another week while spending its twelve weeks on the chart.


Thursday, 05 March 2009 03:19 Written by
Popular sound system Area Code 876 has split into opposing camps following what one group is citing as 'irreconcilable differences" with selectors Too Sweet and DJ Kevin. "We want to disassociate ourselves with them. For some time, there had been numerous problems, accounting irregularities, and a general breakdown in discipline, respect and professionalism, so we decided to take action," Taj James, manager of Area Code 876, told 876 ent.


Thursday, 05 March 2009 03:18 Written by
Portmore, Spanish Town, New York, Miami...mi flying out. Wah happen to some dutty skirmage roun ere who smell like 10 day cabbage water? Mi read some comments weh some dutty people mek say one876 bruk and all these things and mi waan yu fi know, mi bosses dem caan bruk, dem ting sort out, dem ting international, dem a spend Swiss Francs, Euro and English pound, wah happen to some ah dem dutty gal who need WD40 fi dem hole, and dem crawny skin need compound. ONE876 TO THE WORLD!!! And mi nah stop say it, Ms. Kitty yu large, Sparks mi see yu pon mi RE TV ah talk the tings dem pon After Dark, big up the media alliance, big up Stone Age Productions, the Empire the whole entire, and Khool and the whole entourage. Ron Muschette, yu a lock it inna the morning, yu a sickest ting. Big up all the original one876ers, I have been reliably informed that the site ah go back up soon.


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